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I laugh

I realize people are looking at me

i stop laughing because of them, out of embarrassment, but keep a smile on my face in remembrance of those memories 

it slowly fades, as I try to think of an explanation to them as why I‘m laughing

then my smile falters, a shred of realization hits when I realize there is no possible way of them ever understanding what I went through, what WE had went through

I clench my teeth, trying to keep my composure as memories that felt like dreams flash through my eyes in an instant, filling my mind with with so many emotions all at once

but above all was a blanket of melancholy that covered it alongside a hand of creeping depression that choked me and those emotions right out

I laugh again, not because of the memory, but because of the insanity of it all

To have shared so many things with so many people; then try to look behind you and realize that they're not there

that there won't be a single soul out there that will ever appreciate that moment and smile back saying," Oh yeah, I remember that!"

Virtual reality… is a beautiful thing...

Missing Them All
Give me free time, take away my excitement for the games I love to play, and have them forget about me and this is what results
And over thinking mind 

                Everything felt like a dream, some bad hallucination that had occurred. Many worlds, so many experiences, memories lost instantly as I woke up. Recollecting the pieces I could remember, only to have them make no sense at all as everything else is blurred motions like a picture taken with shaky hands. Was it all a dream, or did everything happen? A corrupted memory with only the outline of stringed emotions; what the hell happened, what really happened!?

“Is he going to be better?”
“Is he going to die?!”
“Sonic don’t you dare ask that!” the woman’s voice sounded irritated by the question. “And Tails, I am very sure he will be fine. It might take him some time to recover, but he will be alright.”
Everyone sighed, there seemed to be more people in the room than the ones who had spoken. Ryan moaned as he tried to stir, his body still feeling tender from the fall.
“I think he’s waking up,” a child said with enthusiasm. Ryan opened his eyes, the room filled with the morning sunlight was too strong. Flinching, he tried to move his hand to cover his eyes, only to be met by an excruciating pain. His eyes shot wide open, not caring anymore of the burning eyes. With his other hand, he tried to compress his pain, holding tight to area.
“What should we do!?” cried another female voice. Almost immediately he felt a needle dig into him, liquid filling his veins. The pain began to subside, he took a look into the room his was in. A honey colored fox, two hedgehogs, two rabbits, and an echidna… how strange.
“The rocket…” Ryan mumbled out.
“What was that?” asked the blue hedgehog.”
“Rocket… we have to… have to get…” Ryan moaned out, every word coming out softer and softer.”
“Wait! Don’t pass out on me! What rocket? Where is it?”

His memory began to race, he could at least clearly remember that life. Explosions rained down on the canie, so much sand was kicked up that visibility was almost none. Shots rang out all along the trench line.  This time, Ryan did not join into the fighting, a shell had struck close to him. The concusion wave had knocked him out for quite a long time. When he came back, he looked over the trench, grougly getting ready to run to the ships, even as the shells rained down. But despite the explosions and dust, the distinct look of rocket engines blazed in view, the glare of its fire slowly reaching to the sky.
Ryan looked up to the roof  as he pointed with his good hand,” gone.”

The desert-like terrain had it’s sand cover the whole area. Dust filled the whole air. None can be seen, but all who were there were crying out in pain. All was quiet again, but to many of the survivor’s dismay, the whistling object started to fall from the sky and strike the ground, kicking up even more sand from the explosion it created. The poor entrenched canie had been caught in a well placed artillery bombardment from the primates. At the beginning, many of those fit to run threw much of their weight, backpacks and weapons, and made a run for the    LZ. Much of the late-battle wounded were left behind; those who could limp were blown to bits by the high explosive shells. A small group of canie ran through the trenches, two of them picking up weapons and ammo while the other two checked on casualties, the other stood guard.
“Guys, I found him!” yelled one of the coyotes. Slouching on one of the sides of the trench sat Ryan, unresponsive. “You owe me five now,” the coyote said to his fox partner.
“Best two out of three?”
They carried him to an underground passageway further along the trench. Canie sat all around the room, crudely made, but it would have to do. Those who could stand stood attention to Ryan as they laid him on the ground. “I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure his silence would mean ‘at ease,’” someone in the room joked. It was a hard reality, still barely striking the minds of many, humor was a blessing.
“So what’s wrong with him?”
“From what I can tell, he’s asleep…”
“You’re not really a medic, are you?”
“And you’re not really a soldier, I think we have a connection here.”
“Settle down, settle down; this is no time for jabbings gone bad,” the coyote started to examine Ryan. “Well, the good news is that he has a pulse…”
“And the bad news?”
“We need a gas mask to bring him back.”
“Can’t you just do CPR?”
“Do we have to through it again, how we’re not really who we’re supposed to be?”
“Touche… “
“Just breathe into him, that might work right?” someone in the back offered.
“Go right ahead, be my guest.”
Ryan's eyes opened wide, he tried to take a deep breath as he sat up but someonething was making him choke. He tried again and again but whatever he had was lodged in him pretty good. Many started to pound his back, in hopes of helping but to no avail. "Out of the way!" a coyote yelled, pushing aside everyone in his path. He stabbed a needle into Ryan's chest, broke half off, and signaled everyoen to stay back.
"You killed him!"
"No I didn't, he had fluid in his lungs, making the pressure from the lungs and-"
"Yeah yeah, whatever, that doesn't excuse you from stabbing the mofo."
"Maybe if you let me finish explain, it would," the coyote retorted, standing toe to toe with a young dunderman.
"That's enough!" Ryan yelled, now back to his coughing fit. He gestured evryone to hold a moment with his finger. " I'm alright now, see?" The dog shook his head, retreating back to his side of the wall. "So, do we all know what happened?" The whole room shook their heads," Good, that saves a lot of heart ache. That is all." Ryan sat back down against the wall.
"Sir, we need leadership, you were the last one commanding us, tell us what to do."
Ryan sighed loudly, enough so everyone could hear," Guys, there's nothing we can do. Really, there sin't. We can go ahead and think of far fetched ideas but the truth is that we're done for. All that comes to mind is die fighting..."
"Then die fighting it is!" someone yelled from the background. Other began to start the chant, the whole room was shouting now with their hearts on their sleeves.
This is mad, this whole room is mad! Ryan thought to himself. Then again, so am I..."
"Choose your weapon, pick up a wounded, and carry as many supplies as you can, we're heading to the launch pad!"

“How is he today Ms. Vanilla?”
“Oh, he seems to be improving now, you seem to stop by a lot now Tails.”
“Yeah, sorry about that,” the fox said bashfully.
“Oh sorry nothing, I don’t mind and I’m sure he doesn’t either!”
The two chuckled but fell silent almost immediately, Ryan began to stir.
“Miss Vanilla, was it?” Ryan asked as he began to sit up from his bed.
Vailla nodded,” Yes it is, wh-“
“I’d like to say thank you, for nursing me back to health, I appreciate it, miss. If there is any way I could repay you.”
“Of course you can!” Vanilla said enthusiastically,” Just tell me this, what is your name?”
“My name is Ryan, Ryan… Ryan….”
Vanilla looked at him quizzically,” Is something the matter?”
“I… I can’t remember my name…” Ryan began to hyperventalate, his name, what was his last name!
“Calm down, Ryan, just calm down, you’ll remember eventually.” But this didn’t calm him down. Not a single hint of his full name, not a memory of his name being called came to mind to solve such a simple mystery. His name, how could he forget his name?
“Prower, your name is Ryan Prower,” the fox suggested. Ryan’s breathing began to stabilize, slowing back down to low calm breaths.
“And what is your name young fox,” Ryan asked.
“Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails!” the fox said with pride, turning his back on Ryan to wave his namesakes at Ryan.
Ryan smiled at Tails,“Well, in that case, my name is Ryan M Prower!”


The barrage continued to pummel the trenches as Ryan and his men began to massively scavenge the area, looking for more survivors and ammunition for their mission. Ryan had found a whistle, advising everyone that once that whistle was blown, they would have to drop whatever they were doing and run for the launch pads. It had felt like hours to everyone as the deadly rain continued nonstop for an extensive time. “This is taking forever sir! I don’t think they’re going to let up!”
“Shut your tramp James, I know what I’m doing.” The explosions began to deminish rapidly, until only one explosion sounded, like an off cue symbol. Ryan blew his whistle and they all headed to the pad. Not long after did they start to hear gunfire,” It’s the primates, they’re starting to move in!”
Ryan blew his whistle twice, signaling those with machine guns to quickly set up and provide supressive fire. Almost simotaniously did all the gunners start to fire their weapons. After just a few seconds, he whistled a long blow, it was time to run again. Ryan waited ofr some of the gunners to start running before he began his own repositioning.
“Sir, we have a line with Goliath!” someone yelled for Ryan, his voice full of hope. He grabbed the phone from his radio operator and began to speak with one of spacecraft in orbit.
“This is Young Major, how may I take your order.”
“A-fucking-mazing major, we thought you were dead,” the old general croaked.
“You better believe it, it’ll take a lot more than a shell to take me out.”
“Knock on wood; were able to achieve orbit and are now set right on top of you. You give us some coordinates, and we’ll see how much our artillery guns can do from space!”
“Roger that! You heard the general, get into position and get ready to mow those primates down! We got our own shells to abliterate them now!” The canie chanted and cheered, rushing out the door to follow Ryan’s orders.
“Sir, there isn’t a way to come pick us up, is there?” There was silence at the other end for some time until he heard a deep breathe be taken.
“I’m sorry son, but there isn’t. You’re on your own once we send our last shell hurtling to those bastards.”
“Then what do we do sir?”
“That is up to you major… best of luck.”
“Thank you sir,” he began to hand over the phone to his operator, but not before hearing the last words spoken to him by Goliath.
“You'll never be forgotten!”



United States
Loyal and proud supporter of Taismo (TailsXCosmo) and GumballXCarrie and others

Current Residence: LA
Favorite genre of music: Anything with a good beat or rhythm
Favorite cartoon characters: Tails, Gumball, Applejack, Cosmo the Seedrian,
  • Listening to: Flight of the Navigator
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Im leaving today for basic training, it was fun being around here though it was pretty quiet at the end. I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope to see you again. I'm posting the last chapter of "how trhings were" today. until who knows when ill post again. peace guys
-Ryan M Prower

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