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Brian M Prower
An ambitious, strict fox that always acts as if his time is running out. He is an oddball within the oddballs. He usually disappears and reappears at will, no one really knows what he does on his free time. Although he is says he doesn't want to lead, he feels rather annoyed whenever he himself sees a solution to a problem that the commander can't see. He tries to set himself aside from everybody else, only befriending the few around him. Even then, he is very paranoid of anyone. He is always unsure of himself, having a second thought of every decision he makes. He isn't afraid of showing his feelings on the battlefield or in peacetime. All in all, he is considered a complete wreck by most of the team. Although with so many anti-social characteristics, he is very caring of others. He is an expert medic, having even to do an in field operation to take out shrapnel, all on his own. He is willing to put his life on the line to save just one more person on the battlefield.
No one has witnessed Brian's abilities, it's said that he had been both blessed and cursed without abilities.
He uses whatever is given to him, he isn't picky.
Mark M Prower
A talkative, unpredictable fox. When in charge, he decides equally between logic and morality. He is into talking, planning with company, and figuring things out by using his and others’ logic. He likes to talk in groups of at least five. He is all over the place and can’t stay on one subject for too long. He takes things out at random and prefers to in the moment thinking, all he really needs is a general idea before going in. He prefers the explosive weapons and uses a machine pistol as a secondary. For close combat, he likes to use blunt with sharp weapons such as bats with nails and trench knives. At extreme stress, he becomes calm and is able to pinpoint weak points in armor, positions, and fortifications. When seeing a dead comrade, his slight of hand kicks in and becomes cruel by using special ammo such as pure penetration rounds, timed explosive penetrating, and HEAT rounds. He prefers air and ground units, specifically fighter-interceptors and fast vehicles with low armor.
John M Prower
A tough in the outside, but sweet on the inside fox. He never likes to be in control and usually makes Ryan tell him what to do if he is appointed leader. The willingness to change his orders makes him a great soldier, though adapting or changing any orders given is not common. Heavy machine guns and heavy guns are his favorite. His hands are too big to efficiently handle smaller weapons, though he modifies a colt revolver and uses it efficiently. He likes to know everyone’s true feelings of things, gardens, cooks, and daydreams. He likes to talk one on one and only makes anonymous remarks in front of a group. In close combat, he likes to use blunts to bash his enemies. Under pressure, all his senses become better and is able to sense where people are, allowing him to accurately shoot enemies while in cover. His ability is Rage, making him act like a beast and losing his conscious while letting his natural instincts take over. He becomes more agile and pain resistant when raged. His preferences are heavily armored land vehicles though aviation fascinates him.


United States
Loyal and proud supporter of Taismo (TailsXCosmo) and GumballXCarrie and others

Current Residence: LA
Favorite genre of music: Anything with a good beat or rhythm
Favorite cartoon characters: Tails, Gumball, Applejack, Cosmo the Seedrian,
  • Listening to: Flight of the Navigator
  • Reading: Escape from Furnace
  • Watching: House
  • Playing: BF3
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Water
well hello there, just wanted to say that many things have gone to a halt because of school work. Also posting this just to say that Project Avenger, since i did not know the Avenger was a thing at the time, have rewrote it and renamed it to Project Vengeance. Project Avenger is now considered scrapped an nulled (I mean, cmon, look at it, it's got some major work to be done) 

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